Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Carlos Mencia is a hack (again)

Carlos Mencia is such a piece of shit. I know it's been said that he steals from this person and that person, but here's one I bet you never expected: Bill Cosby! I hate Carlos Mencia. His plagiarism isn't even funny the way he does it. Here's the video:

Thursday, March 15, 2007

As of 3/15/07, I still hate blowout haircuts

Yeah, that's right. They are still as ridiculous as they were the day I posted about them for the first time (over a year ago). I can't believe I still see these things around. All I can think of when I see someone with a blowout is "Was this person trying to go for the Sonic the Hedgehog look today?"

Check out the comments section of my previous post on blowouts: here is the link. The comments these guys leave (and continue to leave, I just got another one today) are so tremendously entertaining, I felt like I should share them with everyone.

Also, it's pretty hilarious that if you do a Google search for "blowout hairstyle," my previous blog about them is the third most popular search result. Yeah, I guess I'm pretty awesome.

Edit: The Google search is now #1! YES!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Can you crack the code?

So I've taken a recent interest in cryptography, ciphers, and codes. It's so interesting to me that with very little information, some people can crack the most complex codes and decipher hidden messages. After a little bit of reading online, I was able to come up with one of my own, a mono-alphabetic substitution cipher. It's not very in-depth at all, but I thought I'd mess around with it a little.

Here are the hints:
1. The key word is "Tuesday"
2. It is an Edgar Allan Poe quote.
3. The spaces in the code are not the spaces in the actual quote.
4. There is one number in the very last group of characters that is just a place holder, and isn't an actual letter in the word.
5. You will not need to use "zero" at any time. There is the letter "O", and the numbers 1-9, but there are no zeros anywhere.

Here is the code:


If you don't know what a mono-alphabetic substitution cipher is (I sure as hell didn't until I looked it up), you'll probably want to find out before you start this, or else it might be a little too difficult. Or maybe it won't be. If you have questions or want more hints, leave a comment or send me an IM or something. Let's see who is the first to figure it out...