Saturday, January 07, 2006

Game Review: Indigo Prophecy

I recently purchased the game Indigo Prophecy for XBox. The back of it reads "Possessed by unexplainable urges, decent citizens are murdering others throughout the city. At random. In public. Control an ever-changing plot in this groundbreaking supernatural thriller that makes twists tighter with every move you make. Outsmart the cops. Uncover the truth behind your unspeakable crime. Battle dark forces as you roam the city and fall deeper into the mystery. Every choice, every action shifts and alters your journey -- you might pay dearly for your crime. Or edge closer to the unbelievable secret of the prophecy. The killer is you."

Sounds sweet right? I thought so.

I started playing the game, and it wass immediately addicting. Remember those "pick your own ending" mystery books where every so often you'd have to make a decision and you'd go to a different page depending on which course of action you wanted to take? This game has a similar concept. The plot line was intriguing, and you got to play a number of different characters relating to the story. I won't spoil it in case anyone decides to buy it, but it really is a sweet game.

It differs from most games in that it's not a "go here and kill a bunch of guys" and then "go there and slaughter some hookers" or anything like that. In fact, you don't directly kill anyone yourself. There aren't any buttons to kick, punch, or do secret moves. It's all about thinking and how you want to interact with people and objects in each scenario.

My only qualm with the game is that it wasn't long enough. Given, I played the game almost non-stop from when I got it until I beat it, but it took me less than a day to beat.

I'd recommend this game for anyone who likes murder mysteries (books, shows, games, whatever). It has a solid, original plot line and I was hooked immediately.

Overall Rating for Indigo Prophecy: B+


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