Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year

Hey all -

Hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday and New Year. My Christmas was good, got the usual clothes/gift certificates/etc but also some really cool stuff. After Christmas, I was treated to a party with some friends that I hadn't seen in years, which was a really great time, albeit brief. I love spontaneous road trips. New Year's was fun too, combining the celebration of the new year with a farewell party for a good friend of mine who moved to North Carolina today.

In other news: I finally got a new computer (in case you didn't know, my old one hadn't worked since August). The motherboard on my old one was shot, so instead of wasting any more money on a computer that is nearly 3 years old, I decided to get a laptop. So I'll be online again most of the time once I get back to school on instant messenger (screen name is still "ohmoche"). With any motivation, maybe I'll even start posting semi-regularly on this blog again. I think I still have that AudioBlogger feature, and that was pretty fun, so we'll see what the new year brings.


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