Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bathroom Etiquette

My roommate and I created this list of bathroom etiquette because it was really needed. We posted the list in various places around our dorm bathroom.



In order to keep the bathroom safe, hygienic, and usable for all parties involved, we, the occupants of room 231 have compiled the following list of rules and regulations of BATHROOM ETIQUETTE, that, if followed, will make everyone's lavoratory experience much more enjoyable and fun. :)

1. Poo and pee in designated stalls (pee on the left, poo on the right). This will ensure that no one has to sit down on urine.
2. PLEASE FLUSH THE TOILET EVERY TIME. Although not flushing may have seemed like a rebellious act at age ten, now it is just unsanitary and gross.
3. Toilet paper should go in the toilet, not on the floor. Especially if it has poo on it, because there has been poopy toilet paper discarded on the floor by the toilet. Come on.
4. Sex in the shower is not frowned upon, but please refrain from urinating, or doing anything defamatory (e.g., flogging the dolphin).
5. If you vomit due to underestimating your ability to drink copious amounts of alcohol, or for any other reason, clean it up. It doesn't have to be immediately, but please make a conscious effort. This means you have to do more than just throw some toilet paper on top of the mess. This applies "double time" if said vomiting occurs anytime between Friday evening and Sunday.
6. Wash erroneous hair and toothpaste down the sink drain or otherwise dispose of it. No one wants your whiskers on their toothbrush or hands.
7. Attempt to pee in the toilet bowl, not on or around it. Again, we are no longer 10 years old, and at this stage in life, your aim should be pretty decent. Obviously mistakes will be made, especially if you are wasted; just do your best. Go for the gold!
8. If you clog the toilet, let someone know so the situation can be remedied and the next person who needs to drop a red hot steamer doesn't have to wait or hold it in. Nobody likes that.

Everyone thanks you for your cooperation.


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