Wednesday, November 09, 2005

More Names I Dislike

Currently, the last post on the Pet Peeves list reads as follows:

-Most guys with the following names: Todd, Darryl, Stanley, Guy (not pronounced "Gee," because that's cool), 'topher (when your real name is Christopher), and Ishmael. Ishmael mostly just for good measure.

In addition to these stupid names, I am going to add some more. Note that these are just the names I find to be disturbing, not the actual person. I realize that you could just be unfortunate enough to have of these ridiculous guy names and still be a cool chap. Probably not though.

-Gaylord (let's face it parents...what were you thinking?)
-any androgenous name
-I also tend to dislike any suffix on a name beyond Jr. or Sr. If you want to name your kid after you, that's cool. But it ends after one time. There is no need to be Blake Christian Kennedy IV. We no longer live in medieval times, and it's certainly no longer trendy to be the fucking fourth, fifth, or ninth consecutive guy in your family's legacy to have the same exact name. What happened to people being unique and original?


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