Tuesday, July 11, 2006


It's widely known that Zidane, captain of the 2006 French world cup team, head butted an Italian player. It has since been rumored that Chuck Norris has contacted Zidane and said that what he did was a pussy move and that it pales in comparison to Norris's own round house kick.

Shown below is what Zidane has planned next:

Not wanting to be one-upped by Chuck Norris, Zidane now plans on head-butting the entire country of Italy. The notion of this happening is really not that far fetched, as Zidane's rage is currently building over the fact that he probably cost his team the world cup.

Seriously though...what a horrible way to go out. He had already announced his pending retirement after this world cup tournament. What more could he ask for? He led his team to the final, it's tied in the second over time period, and what does he do? HEAD BUTTS SOMEONE ON THE OTHER TEAM! What the fuck?! The guy didn't even seem to do anything to him. At most, he said something that got on Zidane's nerves, but come on. Zidane is the captain of the team and should be expected to carry himself a little better than that. Oh well. France got fucked over as their captain and top notch penalty kicker sat in the locker room, hopefully watching his team as they struggled to stay in the game and then lost. Good job, Zidane.


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