Friday, March 17, 2006

It's Finally Here

As I write this, a little after 1:30 a.m., it is officially St. Patrick's Day! This holiday, started to celebrate Irish heritage (or some bullshit like that) has now turned into an all-out binge drink-a-thon. Not that I need an excuse to drink, but on what other day of the year is it socially acceptable to go to a bar at noon? That's what I'll be doing. Tomorrow (today) I will be waking up and going to play jazz music for a little bit, then heading to a bar to enjoy a very early afternoon drink or three. Unfortunately, I have to be back on campus to attend an economics class and then take an astronomy test, but soon after that you can bet your four leaf clover that I will be back downtown celebrating and taking part in various festivities. Then, after a few hours of Irish car bombs, beer pong, and other fun stuff at a friend's house party, the night will be capped off with an amazing show by Forman. That is, assuming that I am still on my feet after 9 or 10 hours of wild times.

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