Monday, January 02, 2006


I sort of can't believe that it's already 2006. Lately, everything has been making me feel really old. Although I am a mere 21 years of age, it feels a lot older than it sounds. Gah, I can't imagine what I'll be like at 40. Anyway, I hope everyone's new year started off safely and happily; mine definitely did.

I've taken an anti-making a new year's resolution stance the past few years, and I continued that tradition this year. They never seem to work out, so I guess I'll continue living my life like I have been and hope for the best.

I don't work again until Friday, so this should be a week where I actually do some writing; we'll see how that actually works out.

Post Script: You will very rarely see any sports commentary in my blog, but two things happened since I posted last that I thought were worthy of noting:

- The Michigan vs. Nebraska football game (The Alamo Bowl, I think) was a fucking joke. I admittedly don't follow college sports very much, or sports in general I guess, but I can tell a poorly refereed game when I see one. This game was by far the worst I have ever seen. Michigan clearly outplayed Nebraska from what I saw, and despite these horrendous officials, could have pulled off a win on the last play (which was insane). Oh well.
- Doug Flutie kicked a drop-kick field goal in the Patriots game this past week. I don't really like the Patriots, but I liked Doug Flutie when he was in Buffalo for those couple years. For the record, it has been 64 years since the last drop-kick was made in the NFL, two weeks after Pearl Harbor. Anyway, maybe you don't care but I thought it was interesting.


At 1/04/2006 4:14 PM, Anonymous Paul said...

I had been taking an anti-resolution stance until this year. I never thought I would break the habit. I have taken it upon myself and give up pop (due to caffeine interactions with a medication I take.. coffee and pop is simply to much caffiene); and then to run. I don't quite grasp where the running part came from, but oh well.


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