Wednesday, November 09, 2005

(Un)Successful Mills Venture

While waiting in the never-ending sub line at downstairs Mills, I found myself right in front of an extremely annoying person. It's bad enough that the line took about 20 minutes before I got to the front; to make my night a little worse, though, the kid behind me not only has a really thick NYC accent (which I despise) but he's fighting with his mom via cell phone. That was really fun, listening to Johnny Annoying Pants tell his mother why he can't get into law school.
I finally (!) get to the front of the line. I am so hungry by now. It is now my turn to order though. I open my mouth to say, "I'll have a 12-inch Italian sub please," but before I can even get a word out, Jane Sub-maker decides that it's time to re-stock the entire meat and cheese section. Perfect. It ends up taking her so long that I am served by her co-worker who is at the next sub "station" and has already served the girl in front of me.
I won't even get into the "I wish I could make my own sub at Mills" thing, because unless by some fluke you get the one or two good sub-makers there (okay I'll get into it), chances are you will get any combination of the following:
- too much meat (very common)
- too much cheese
- not enough lettuce
- the wrong proportion of oil/vinegar
- they don't even have half the ingredients you want
- entirely too much more of something when you request "a little more"
- any number of other mis-haps
A solid 30 minutes later, I am holding my sub. Johnny Annoying Pants has gotten off the phone with his mom, I'm standing in line to pay is good. No, of course it isn't. Johnny Cashier decides that he needs to re-stock the plastic bags, even though there are clearly at least a dozen left. So instead of having two cashiers, there is only one, and she is not in a good mood -- this is also common. I now realize what is causing her misfortune (or at least part of the reason). She is stumped about something, which not only makes her unhappy, but also means that I have to wait in line for a little while longer while Jane Assistant Shift Supervisor at a Shitty Overpriced College Store comes over to show her which order to push the buttons in. Another five minutes go by, and I am in the front of the line. YES! I hand Jane Cashier my card, she swipes it, I have now paid for my sub (and a cup of coffee I got while waiting in line), and I am all set. "No, I don't need a bag, thanks," I tell Jane Cashier. "Have a great night," she replies sarcastically. She must love her job.
Time to eat. Thanks, Mills crew!


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