Saturday, November 19, 2005

Tucker Max

Last night I had the great privelege of drinking with The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Tucker Max. I'll recount the night briefly.

The speech Tucker Max gave at Cornell was completely packed. People filled every single seat, every window ledge, every inch of available standing space, every doorway, and a crowd gathered to about 15 feet past the doorway. Needless to say, we could barely see him, let alone hear him. It was about 6:30 p.m. at that point and we decided to just go to the bar where he would be drinking at after the speech.

We show up at the bar and (as per usual routine) are the first ones there. The bartenders didn't even seem to know what was going on, so we just paid our $10 for the all-you-can-drink and got started right away. Sure enough, Tucker Max shows up about half an hour or so later. What I was surprised about, however, was that he wasn't followed in by 100 fans. Apparently, this was a relatively private party hosted by the Sigma Phi fraternity. We talked to the brothers though, and they were more than cool with us staying and drinking.

I was apprehensive about approaching Tucker Max and being "that guy," but I figured what the fuck? When will I ever have this chance again? So I walk up and ask him for a picture, and he's like "Yeah man I love pictures." I talked with him for the next 15 minutes or so and I can tell you one thing: don't be fooled into thinking he is this self-righteous asshole that he sometimes claims to be on his site. He was really fucking cool. I just asked him a bunch of questions and he gave me genuine responses, even laughed at a couple of my stupid jokes. He told Will and I that we "Weren't weirdos" so he didn't mind us asking some questions. All in all, it was a wild night. I got more than I could have asked for and it's still hard for me to believe that just last night I was drinking a beer with Tucker Max.


At 11/28/2005 5:05 PM, Anonymous Heather said...

That is so fucking cool! Show me the pic or pics.


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