Wednesday, November 09, 2005

That's Karma, bitch

I consider myself to be a pretty nice person. I can be pessimistic at times, and sometimes I get slightly out of control when I'm drunk, but I almost always treat other people respectfully. I'm never openly mean to someone unless it's really warranted. Given that, I find it hard to understand how some people can be mean or rude for no reason.
On our usual post-party-let's-go-drink-pitchers adventure last night (might as well party on's Oneonta, why not?), we were talking about the movie Saw. We were taking a vote at our table of who liked/disliked the movie, and when only one person disliked the movie, I wanted to get a larger sample group. I turned around to the table behind me, and it happened to be all girls sitting there. So I asked something like, "Did you ladies like the movie Saw?" It's a simple question. I wasn't trying to hit on them and I know I wasn't being belligerent. Instead of being friendly and giving me a yes or no answer, though, she did one of those, "Ugh..." *sigh* *flip hair to the side* *give me a nasty look like I'm some sort of leper*
I turned back around, because I didn't really care enough to say anything more and call her out on being a bitch. I continued talking to my friends and drinking at a vigorous pace. Soon enough, I noticed the girls had left. Whatever, fuck them. Not everyone is nice I guess. I think nothing more of them until I see police lights flashing.
We all go to the window to see what's happening (I personally am never too busy that I can't take pleasure in somebody else's misfortune). Some girls have been pulled over on the side of Main Street. Sure enough, it is the girls from the table behind ours. This is too good to be true. There is a crowd of us watching this drunk bitch try to walk in a straight line, fail miserably, and then proceed to fail each field sobriety test that was administered to her. A quick breathalyzer was all it took to get her thrown in the back of the cop car and taken presumably to jail. What made it more awesome was that the other girls in the car were also very wasted and could not drive the girl's car. This meant that the original cop had to call for backup, and he had to drive the girl's car somewhere. Hopefully it was impounded.
This whole situation was even more awesome because we heard various comments from the crowd that was watching this all take place.
"Geez, that sucks."
"Yeah, that's really shitty for anyone."
"I know that girl!"
After the excitement died down a little, we continued drinking until last call, after which we got a cab back to campus. Who knows what would have happened if that girl had answered me. Maybe that would have changed her departure time by a few seconds and the cop wouldn't have been there to pull her over. I hope she reads this and is a little nicer next time.


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